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Meet the team behind Troppemedia

At Troppemedia we enjoy framing the world. Creating windows to reality in the form of video, exhibition or any other means that we can think of. Windows to carry the eye farther from where the eye sees.

Javier Álvarez Solís

Javier Álvarez Solís is the founder of Troppemedia. He is a multidisciplinary communicator specialized in scientific, technological and environmental contents. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and diverse studies in Scientific, Technological and Environmental Journalism from Uc3 and the UAM-El País journalism school. He also works in his PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism by UV.

Since 1994 he has been working in the media sector, producing and directiong corporate and documentaries that include locations such as the Amazon or Antarctica. He was Director of Exhibits Development of the Oceanogràfic, in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, and responsible for the content design and management of the same for 7 years, from the initial concept to the opening of l ‘ Oceanogràfic. Among other activities he has been part of the team of the General Directorate of Landscape of the Generalitat Valenciana and has been responsible for audiovisual monitoring of the Valencia Central Park project, as well as working as an adviser in various exhibition and museum projects (Expo Zaragoza 2007 etc.).



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